Registration of imported dogs

When the dog accompanies the Importer and is brought in as accompanied baggage and not as cargo then the following document are required:

The original excess baggage ticket which should clearly state that the word DOG on it and the copy of the original Air ticket of the passenger based on which the excess baggage ticket had been issued.

Rule No.3,4,5,6, 7 are same as above for dogs being brought in as part of the baggage. Unless the above mentioned documents are accompanied with the registration application the Kennel Club of India will not register an imported dog.

With a show season peaking up, there are desperate request for grant of provisional registration to dogs that have just come to India. Ihe Committee has taken a decision that no provisional registration would be given to any dog unless the above rules are met and there is no point in pleading to the KCI or to any Committee Member. The CEO has been told to follow the rules strictly and dog lovers importing dogs are requested to co-operate with the Kennel Club of India.

Further more once a provisional registration is granted, it is only valid for a period of 6 months after which it automatically expires and will not be renewed. If the importer is unable to regularise the registration within the 6 months period, all awards won during this period will automatically stand nullified.

Most important the owner is not allowed to breed the dog or the bitch during the time when the dog is provisionally registered. Pleading ignorance of this rule will not accepted under any circumstances.