Registration of imported dogs

The following are the documents that are required by the KCI to register an imported dog. When the dog is received as Cargo:

1) A copy of the Airway Bill which is the proof that the dog has actually landed in India.

2) A KCI single dog application form duly completed.

3) A xerox copy of the receipt for money paid to the Airport authority as Clearing charges on the arrival of the dog.

4) A xerox copy of the Health Certificate and the quarantine officer's certificate at the port of clearing.

5) A xerox copy of the Custom duty receipt if paid.

6) The Export Pedigree in original along with its xerox copy. There are certain countries that only issue a certified pedigree such as the American Kennel Club in which case the registration certificate should be transfered to the importer and accompany the certified pedigree.

7) If the pedigree is in lanugage other than English then it should be accompanied by a translation of the Pedigree by an authorised representative of the consul of the country where from the dog is imported.

8) The dog should be microchipped and DNA tested.

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