Message from CEO's Desk

At the request of the majority members, the Kennel Club of India has decided that all dogs and litters to be registered with the KCI shall from 1st of January 2007 be compulsorily microchiped. In order to reduce the burden on the breeder and the end user the KCI will make arrangements to supply the microchips with a specific KCI code almost at cost price. In order to prevent misuse of KCI microchips for personal gains, every microchip would have the MRP and besides this, the KCI will also have the cost of the microchip printed in every issue of the IKG.

Yet another major decision taken at the AGM is to remove the age limit for breeding dogs (males only). Henceforth male dogs can be used at stud at any age. Similarly conduct of a Junior handling competition at every show has now been made compulsory. Thus clubs would have to have a Junior handling competition at every show and KCI awards would be given to the winner and the necessary details would have to be documented in the show returns. There would also be a trophy for Junior handlers at the National level and our Chairman Mr.S. Pathy has very kindly consented to institute a trophy for the Best Junior handler of the year.

At the request of exhibitors, the KCI has decided not to grant more than two pointed shows during the same weekend. This rule would come into effect during the next show season.

Arrangements for the KCI's FCI International Dog Show and the Madras Canine Club's 74th & 75th (Platinum Jubliee) Ch. Dog Show is of to a good start. Entry forms and show schedules for these shows have been posted. For the benefit of those who are not on the mailing list the schedules for the above shows has also been printed else where in this issue which could be photo copied. I appeal to the exhibitors to send in their entries at the earliest and not wait for the last date. Your co-operation in this matter will make our task of doing the catalogue much easier. Exhibitors may kindly note that the last date for receipt of entries is 15th November and entries received thereafter will not be accepted under any circumstances irrespective of who the owner may be. Those who plan to import dogs would have to have them registered before the close of entries and dogs with provisional numbers will not be entitled for CACIB awards.

We seek your co-operation and help to serve you better.