Message from CEO's Desk

The KCI has made several other observations which are responsible for poor conduct of shows. It is very important that clubs must stick to the time schedule. Invariably most clubs do not start the show at the stipulated time and reason often given is that exhibitors are still coming or have not come as yet. Shows often start at 11.00 a.m. and goes on till late night inconveniencing the exhibitors. On many such occasions it has been found that the lighting arrangements have been very poor and judges are forced to judge in poor light condition which is neither fair to the judges nor the exhibitors. Exhibitors who come on time or early are forced to suffer because of the latecomers which is unfair. Clubs must learn to be courages and adhere to their time schedule. This may cause some unpleasantness on the first occasion, but then once a beginning is made people would then realise the importance of punctuality.

Again another factor that needs to be given considerable importance is ring management. Quite often, we find rings not upto the specifications laid by KCI and there are no proper waiting rings or waiting Ring Stewards resulting in the spectators and the exhibitors all bunched up together posing a great risk to the exhibit and the spectator. Some time ago due to the negligence of a parent, a child had wandered into the waiting ring area and stamped an exhibit that was waiting to be taken inside. It is unfortuante that this child was bitten badly by the dog. Such incidents can cause embarrassment to the organisers. It was definitely not the fault of the dog as the child had no business to wander inside the waiting ring, but when incidents like these do occur, very few people are prepared to reason out and spectators could join together on such occasions, causing confusion and problems. Waiting rings must be clearly identified and barricaded properly to ensure that other than the exhibits and their owners, no one else is inside.

At the recently held Annual General Body Meeting several important decisions have been taken by the members. Those importing dogs may henceforth note that it is not compulsorily to have them DNA tested overseas. DNA testing is now being done at the Madras Veterinary College at Chennai and hence all dogs required to be DNA tested as per KCI norms, could also have it DNA tested at the Madras Veterinary College at Chennai, but then DNA testing is mandatory. At the request of Registered Clubs, the KCI has decided that a common dog show entry form is printed in the IKG once the show season starts. By doing so the Registered Clubs need only print the show schedules and the exhibitors could use the common entry form.

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