Breeder's Accreditation

Accredited Breeders shall agree to:

1. Ensure that all breeding stock is only the Kennel Club of India registered.

2. Make sure that the puppies are transferred to the new owner only after 8 weeks duly vaccinated.

3. Hand over the dog’s registration and the vaccination certificate at time of sale if available, or forward it to the new owner as soon as possible.

4. Follow the Kennel Club of India policy regarding minimum and maximum age of breeding and number/frequency of litters.

5. Make sure that the kennels are properly constructed and hygienically maintained and that the owner maintains proper and full records of dogs kept in his kennel including history of ailments if any and allows his kennel to be inspected periodically by KCI officials or their authorised representatives.

Permanently identify breeding stock by DNA profile, microchip, or tattoo. After the first year of Scheme’s operation, all breeding stock will be required to be DNA profiled.

7. Make use of health screening schemes, relevant to their breed, on all breeding stock. These schemes include DNA testing, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and inherited eye conditions.

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