Breeder's Accreditation

The aim of the Kennel Club of India’s Breeder’s Accredited Scheme shall be to provide a framework to encourage the breeding of healthy, well-adjusted puppies. It lays down a series of requirements that breeders must follow in order to participate in the scheme.

Breeders who agree to fulfill the requirements of the scheme and who wish to be accredited under the scheme may apply to the Kennel Club of India for annual scheme membership.

Puppy buyers from Accredited Breeders will gain the assurance that the breeder has undertaken to follow basic good practice as laid out by the scheme.

The Scheme admission fee would be Rs.1000/- and the annual renewal fee shall be Rs.1000/-. These fees include a certificate and a pack of scheme leaflets and Puppy Sales Wallets. Compliance with certain scheme requirements will be checked automatically by computer whenever an Accredited Breeder applies to register a litter.

A feedback form for new puppy owners could be included in Puppy Sales Wallets, which will help to establish breeder compliance with aspects of the scheme that are not able to be checked by computer.

Random checks on Accredited Breeder compliance will also be made by contacting some of the new owners who transfer puppies into their own names.